Microlounge is a refined concept initiated by Club Kowloon focusing on minimal, deep and layered house music.

Sound Reference
Ben Rau - Systeme Solaire

We are looking for venues and collaborators to create an ongoing series of events and parties, as well as to set the stage for future developments.

Club Kowloon

Founded in 2017, Club Kowloon is a Hong Kong based art, music and lifestyle company - promoting underground music and organizing events. Breaking up the pre-existing hierarchy of the small HK underground scene, Club Kowloon is opening up for new and interesting collaborations with a different angle.

The music is firmly positioned within house, techno and minimal - inspired by the European groove-driven, steady and well curated sounds and parties. As the name suggests, Club Kowloon focuses on the Kowloon (mainland) side of Hong Kong - a city where most parties and events happens on Hong Kong Island. CK is establishing a mixed local and international scene based on freedom of expression, the combining of music and arts, collaboration between talented designers, DJs and VJs, and a concentration on the local community.

Club Kowloon has organised parties in Hong Kong, Spain, Romania and Norway. With a fast growing local and international presence, Club Kowloon is becoming a platform for new, old and up-and-coming artists rooted in the land of the nine dragons.